About Keith Ussher Architecture

The story of the launch of Keith Ussher Architecture progresses from Keith’s early experience working for a diverse variety of architectural businesses. These early years qualifying in Architectural design included experience in commercial, industrial and residential architectural design.

After 10 years of varied architectural design for a selection of very different architectural companies, Keith took on a role as Architect Consultant for a well-known New Zealand banking organisation. This focused role involved the planning and overseeing of a variety of investments, upgrades and new designs for the fifty plus banking branches around the country. Some of these investments incorporated whole areas of commercial real estate, designed and developed to include branch premises as well as effective spaces for commercial lease and for Keith, incorporated all processes from concept through to approval.

This role provided a further 15 years experience for Keith, and a diversification into outlying aspects of design including site suitability, resource management, structural engineering, and the precise requirements and processes required to gain final build consent.

Incorporating this diverse experience in architectural design and a variety of business management styles, Keith launched his own company Keith Ussher Architecture.

With this launch came a welcome new measure of flexibility toward meeting client’s needs and foreseeing project challenges. Nowadays the designers at Keith Ussher Architecture have earned the company a solid reputation creating outstanding dream first homes, rental properties, family homes, motels, apartment buildings, business premises, industrial investments and more.

Keith’s specialist team of designers have both complimented and expanded his own architectural expertise and experience, resulting in a trusted company that is not limited to any one style or industry.

The current team of qualified industry experts includes:

Oscar Zhong, who has been with the company now for 13 years, offers his own unique expertise in the nuts and bolts of design, partnered with a keen ability to overcome any technical challenges seemingly without pause, enabling him to quietly get on with the business of design.

Craig Ussher is the next generation in architectural expertise, with 10 years experience working for the business and notably talented in a wide range of traditional design skills complimented by the drive to seek out and master the latest in design tools and technology.

Keith Ussher oversees all projects while still being hands-on, combining his passion for making his clients ideas and dreams come to life, producing creative and inspiring home architecture, business architecture and industrial architecture with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of design and build processes, permissions, and project management.

Keith’s experience in the business means he has a long list of consultants and companies in related industries that are always willing to be involved on a project from Keith Ussher Architecture.

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