1. Initial Consultation

We welcome an initial meeting with you to discuss your dreams and requirements. Have an idea in mind? Bring along your ideas and reference pictures and we will gladly work with you to tailor the right design for your style and location.

We welcome a challenge! Sometimes between partners, the styles they like are very different. We work with you to find a middle ground and can create a design solution to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements.

Already have a section or subdivision? Bring any plans or images you have, or simply a note of the location so we can ensure that your section and your plans will mesh well, for design and resource management considerations.

Don’t yet have a section or subdivision? Please contact us for peace of mind when considering site purchase, so we can ensure the viability and legality for your build on that site.

Our services are not limited by location. If you are outside the Canterbury region we are still able to effectively communicate throughout the process by other means – including phone, email and Skype.

2. Planning and Design

From our initial discussion we will incorporate your styles and tastes into a functional yet exceptional design to suit your site.

3. Consultancy Services and Specific Planning

At this stage in the process you may wish to speak further with us, or with one of our specialised consultants, and we can refer you to an industry professional that best suit you needs.

You may wish to consult with a specialist for a dedicated kitchen designer, colour consultant, interior designer, landscape architect and designer and more, to ensure all your needs are met through specialists in the industry that we can recommend to you.

4. Consent Application Processes and Approval

It is our belief that in undertaking each project we are prepared to follow though to ensure final council approval, as part of the overall process.

This process can be quite daunting for an individual, so we believe that a major part of our responsibility is to ensure our work complies with council rules and legalities, which are often very precise.

We uphold our level of service and expertise on every job by ensuring final approval.

5. Follow through Project Management where required.

We find that around 50% of our clients already have their own building companies in mind, which is absolutely fine. On request we are happy to recommend several building companies that we have found in our experience to be professional and reliable.

All of our recommended builders are fully licensed practitioners.

Where required we can assist with tendering and project management. This is a capacity of our business that we don’t often advertise, though we have the experience and expertise to undertake full project management on request.


Contact us for free advice on site suitability prior to purchase today.



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